The soil condition, a key factor on a Due Diligence

Before executing a sales operation or an investment in a plot of land or in a company, it is highly recommended to consider the soil situation, in order to avoid future problems.

When an investor starts a process of buying a company, plot of land or industrial warehouse, the historical and the present state of the soil must be taken into account, since they are determinant for the price as much as for the duration of the operation, not to mention eventual responsibilities related to it.

Just like auditions are executed before a sales operation or investment to evaluate the assets and financial risk, the same should be done in regard to the environmental factor. An Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) allow us to know the environmental record of the business or land, in which there are included the demanded requirements, the level of implementation, the derived responsibilities and associated costs, something that becomes especially important in the case of industries.

It shall be considered that past activities that had been developed on a land may have affected the zone and that the underground contamination remains if nothing is done in order to resolve it. Therefore, the problems may be inherited from an owner to the next. To avoid surprises, it is strongly recommended that a proper investigation and a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) are executed to determine the current situation of the land, and that they include all the possible scenarios, both legally and economically.

Not dealing with this aspect may represent a delay on the estimated time before starting an activity or before building on a land, a rise on the final costs of the operation or even legal responsibilities.

Litoclean’s team is composed by professionals that are highly qualified and experienced on the soil characterization and treatment, who will give to the client all the necessary information so that they can made all the right decisions during the process.

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